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About US

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How It All Got Started

​In 2014, I was at a crossroad in my life personally and professionally. Through that experience I encountered someone who posed some very hard questions that required me to look at the situation and determine my next steps. As a result of truthfully answering the questions, I realized that everything I needed to resolve the conflict and to move forward was within me. It was at that point that I knew I wanted to empower people in their circumstances the same way I had been. Thus, Empowerment Consulting Services, LLC was born.  


Where I Am Today

Empowerment Consulting Services, LLC has been proudly providing services to people locally, nationally and globally. We are always seeking opportunities to make a difference.

My Mission

The mission of Empowerment Consulting Services, LLC is to use our enthusiasm and creativity to assist those we serve to pursue goals and improve their lives through an empowered, person-centered approach.

​We are committed to our vision in which the lives of those we serve are improved one goal at a time, positively affecting them, their families, and their communities.



A Few Fun Facts About Tonya

  • Exchange student to Japan and Tanzania

  • I love to travel. 

  • I love children and young people. (Every child I meet I automatically dub them my Godchild.)

  • I was one of three finalists in the "The Voice .... of the Sea" contest on a cruise in 2017.  (Pictures forthcoming.)

Official Bio

Tonya Chubb is the CEO and owner of Empowerment Consulting Services, LLC, a Life Coaching Service that helps individuals and families set and pursue life goals.


As an active member of her community, she provides leadership and guidance through mentoring, volunteering and outreach in service to youth and adults. She has partnered with non-profit organizations to help families who experience homelessness and face barriers in education. Tonya also serves as an educational and employment support administrator for youth with disabilities and their families.


Currently she works for a non-profit organization and serves as a supervisor for a grant from the US Department of Education and The Maryland Department of Disabilities. 


A native of New York State, she graduated Cum Laude and received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. She went on to receive a Master of Arts in Experimental Psychology from Towson State University. She received her Teacher Certification and a Master of Science Degree in Special Education with a concentration in Mild to Moderate Disabilities from The Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore Maryland. 

Tonya Chubb


EmPowerment Consulting Services, LLC

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