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Evening of Elegance

The Evening of Elegance is an empowering event for women that nourishes the mind, body, and soul in a spirit-filled, uplifting atmosphere. 

It is a night to let your hair down, get dressed in elegant attire (i.e - fancy gowns, cocktail dresses, pantsuits or skirts), and come together as a sisterhood to celebrate the worth, value, and importance of all women. 

Throughout the evening, guests experience first-class treatment, enjoy fine dining, and are empowered, inspired, and energized through entertainment, activities, and more. 

It's an event that should not be missed!

Be Still & Know Silent Women's Retreat

Have you ever thought to yourself, "If I had just a few hours of quiet time, I would ... write, read, rest or (you fill in the blank)? Perhaps, you want to focus on your spiritual relationship, or maybe you need to reconnect with yourself. Regardless of your circumstance, this one-day retreat is designed specifically for you.


Each woman can focus on her own personal use of silent time, participate in individual and group activities, and engage with other women.


It is a day of sisterhood, faith, love, and connections. When we break silence at the close of the event, the testimonies that break forth are transforming. 

This is an event that your peace of mind and soul have been waiting for!

Pouring Over Scripture LOGO.jpg

Pouring Over Scripture Workshop

A Painting Event.

Using acrylic paint, this unique workshop leads participants in a hands-on crafting journey through the biblical challenges and triumphs of men and women chosen to do great things. Many of them often began with uncertainty, fear, and very little confidence. However, that is not how the story ends. 

We will read and study scripture, discuss how biblical principles apply to us today, all while connecting its relevance and importance to your life. 

You will be EmPowered through the journey. At the end of the workshop, you leave with your very own masterpiece. 

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