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EmPowerment Consulting Services serves school aged youth, college students, parents, women and men.  Read our testimonials received about our events and services. 

Ashley C.

I recently got an idea for a small business that I couldn’t shake. I knew that I wanted to turn it into a reality. But I had absolutely no idea where to begin, and I mean zero clue. Before this, I never had any interest in being a business owner. Even the idea of running my own business sounded like “too much.” But suddenly here I was, I had this dream and knew that it wasn’t going to fade.

I got in touch with Tonya almost immediately. Just as quickly as I’d suddenly had this new vision for my future, I found that couldn’t see the trees through the forest. I needed help. She agreed to coach me and we got to work right away. After our first video-call, I knew I was actually capable of making this happen! She isn’t going to do the work for me, but I know I have someone there to guide me step-by-step through all of the heavy lifting. I have a clear direction to go through each stage of the process. I also find that I have more confidence when I talk to others about my blossoming business. A sense of pride and credibility comes with being able to say “my business coach and I…” when talking with potential colleagues.

I am motivated and looking forward to realizing my business goal. Tonya helps keep me motivated and makes sure that I feel comfortable with the tasks I need to accomplish. My business idea was once an insurmountable feat, but now it is simply a personal challenge for which I have help to achieve.

Teresia K.

I moved to the United States a year and a half ago. During my stay here I met a lot of people, but one significant person played a major role in my life. Mrs. Tonya Chubb helped me with my English lessons and I am able to read, write and speak English well. I can complete job applications and go for job interviews, take the ride on bus and train, fill out bank checks all by myself. Thank you so much Mrs. Chubb and may God bless you.


Brooke L.

My son was having trouble in school because he was disorganized, had difficulty putting his thoughts/ideas on paper, and tackling big projects. Therefore, I reached out to Tonya Chubb for some help. What we most liked about Tonya’s teaching/coaching style is she first talked and got to know our son. She let him talk and tell her what his interests were and how he learned best whether it be hands on, watching videos, reading, or  just saying it out loud. Tonya made it a point to have myself or husband close by in order to hear and interact with both of them if necessary. She wanted to ensure that we were included in his learning experience and how we all could help him and not just her. She also wanted to ensure that we were happy with her teaching style.


Tonya was not only a tutor/life coach for him but for us as parents too. I remember he did a project where he had to make Banana bread. Tonya included the whole family and took pictures through out the process. Another time he produced a video for a stem fair project that included the whole family. We learned thru this process that it takes the whole family not just a tutor to engage a child and have him enjoy his learning experience.  Tonya gave him the tools he needed in order to organize his thoughts and ideas on paper. She created a graphic organizer for him in order to tackle projects.


Our son would often get overwhelmed with big projects. He had great ideas, but was not able to organize everything. The graphic organizer allowed him to plan it out step by step so he did not get frustrated. I remember Tonya saying one time, “Just spit all your words and thoughts out on paper first no matter how jumbled, then you can organize it later.” Tonya made our son feel comfortable and confident so he was able to express to her how he learned best and what he liked and disliked about learning.

Our son showed improvement in many areas after Tonya helped him. I remember a couple of the teachers emailing or mentioning to me how much better he was doing. That was so nice to hear given most of the emails or comments were more on the negative side.  Our son participated more in class discussions because he had more confidence. He received A’s on his projects because he was able to organize his thoughts with the graphic organizer and be more prepared for his presentations. He had less missing assignments because Tonya gave him and us as parents the proper tools to assist him. 


I would definitely recommend Tonya. However, I would not consider Tonya a “tutor”. She is a mentor/life coach for kids as well as the parents. She includes the family in the learning process and gives the parents and child the proper tools and abilities to best assist the child.

Mari L.

The two annual events hosted by EmPowerment Consulting Services, LLC, namely the Evening of Elegance and the Silent Retreat, are well worth your time and money. Here’s why.

The silent retreat is geared toward helping each woman connect or reconnect with themselves, and the Evening of Elegance is geared toward empowering women in an upbeat, spirit-filled, uplifting environment. From the activities, décor, special extras, and classy touch, you can tell Tonya and her team put time, thought and effort into their planning. While I can’t speak for everyone, my experience is that both events are successful in their intended purpose and equally powerful.

In addition to their annual events, EmPowerment Consulting Services, LLC also offers empowerment coaching. If you ever want or need personalized coaching for one of the focus areas they offer, Tonya is a great choice. And, if you’re interested in either or both of their annual events, attend at least once. You’ll be glad you did, and I highly suspect that both will become a staple on your calendar each year as they now are for me.    

Megan T.

Mrs. Chubb,


If I could, I would tell all parents that if they have a daughter or son in college that they should schedule some coaching sessions with you and EmPowerment Consulting Services.


I know that I was a bundle of nervousness when I saw you for the first session.  Now, I have a plan and a strategy to reach my educational goal.


Your use of humor and your questioning technique was a wonderful way of making me feel at ease.  I was able to talk and you listened as I dumped my brain out with all of my options and concerns.  I was then able to systematically develop a strategy and plan of action for reaching my goal.


I feel empowered and I did it; you did not do it; I actually did it myself (with your help).  Thank you and EmPowerment Consulting Services. 


Thank You from:

A more Calm and Focused College Student

Mary T.

I am a business owner, educator, wife and the mother of five wonderful children.  I can do many things and do them well. However, I realized that I needed professional help when my college aged daughter came to me with an educational dilemma.   She needed to make a decision about her future; she needed to set a path and pursue her goals.  Her issues included not being sure of how to reach her educational goal and I was not sure how to help her either. 


I enlisted the help of EmPowerment Consulting Services because I heard of its reputation for helping people reach their goals. I contacted EmPowerment Consulting Services and my daughter had a private coaching session with Mrs. Chubb.  She used a questioning technique that allowed  my daughter to explore  concerns and list possible options that helped her clarify her goals. 


Upon completion of her coaching session, I felt that my daughter was more at ease with her thoughts.  She was able to walk away with a more concrete plan of actions.


I am pleased to see an increase in my daughter’s confidence level.  In addition, I am pleased to see  that my daughter was able to realize that she has the tools necessary to reach this and all goals that she has set for herself.


I would highly recommend seeking the professional services offered by EmPowerment Consulting Services LLC.  I have experienced, first hand, how the person centered approach to coaching helped my daughter realize that she had everything that she needed within herself.


One Proud and Pleased Mom

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